Camp Titicaca communal shade structure 2012



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If you would like to make a donation to the camp Titicaca fund, please click on the "Donate" button below and you will be taken to Paypal where you can make a donation with your credit card, checking account, or Paypal account.

You can also mail a check to S Moffett, PO Box 2419, Ketchum, ID  83340

You can include a note with your donation, if you want to contribute to a certain item or project.

Anything that we buy with donations will remain the property of Camp Titicaca. 

We will post an accounting of the donations about once a quarter.

We will post the receipts for anything that we buy with the donations.



Examples of things the money will be used for are:

A communal shade structure

Ropes, stakes, replacement parts for shade structure

Markers for laying out the roads in camp

Art materials for those who wish to do projects

Fees for this website

Storage unit in Empire to store the above gear

Plastic for the communal shower






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